Bodies of Work

The artist directed Bodies of Work for her Honors thesis. This documentary piece uses the practices of four visual artists and one art historian as a scaffolding to discuss how an intersectional understanding of oppressions is shaping current feminist thought.

Situated in the political temporality of the Trump presidency, these bodies of work provide a range of theoretical frameworks related to the perception and performance of race, gender, class and sexuality i.e. the narrative of slavery and white guilt, the propagandizing of black bodies, queer identity, the sexualization and allegory of female figures, and the white-washing and westernization of the art canon.

The elasticity of meaning inherent in the visual arts may be used as a rich metaphor for the intersections that are coming to define a post-Third-Wave feminist consciousness.

Artists have always acted as mirrors for society. If we take the time to look before art becomes history, what might we learn about ourselves?


Anthem I

Anthem I was made during an investigation of the properties of video as drawing method. A fast food burger is collaged atop the auditory fanfare of Whitney Houston’s rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. Pulling from satyrical political comics, mainstream advertising and propaganda, this piece functions to subvert the pretense of American nostalgia in an era where governance is dictated by consumerist and white nationalist agendas.